Day of Solidarity with Black Non-Believers


Today is the Day of Solidarity with Black Non-believers. You should go and read Naima Washington’s article or the excellent “Moral Combat” by Sikivu Hutchinson.

It’s just not acceptable anymore for the atheist, humanist and secular community to pretend that black non-believers don’t face unique challenges. No, we all have to be aware of that and help out. Whenever you see a prominent person like Michael Shermer make a horrible statement like

I would, yes, because I do not believe that the fact that the secular community does not contain the precise percentage of blacks, Latinos, Asians, and Native Americans as in the general population, means that all of us in the secular community are racists, explicitly or implicitly.

need to call it out and take away any ground that people like Shermer can stand on to make these statements.

Time to do diversity.